The Studio
Martin 00-21 ready for action - 10/04/18
Kevin Jones at the desk - 10/04/18
Time for some vocals - 10/04/18

Journey Part 1 - Recording
09/05/18 - Sessions 7: Another journey We recorded the basic guitar part and vocals and looked at production ideas to help drive the song. Another really good session.

26/04/18 - Sessions 6: Routine is about the mundane stuff on our journey. We recorded the rhythm guitar and vocals and worked on finding a suitable drum & bass track. I had a bit of a cough, which made the vocals quite hard to do, but I'm happy with the outcome. I will now look for a suitable grungy electric guitar part to compliment the feel of the song. It's important for me that each number is different and distinct, whilst still contributing to the overall big picture that makes up the Journey.

13/04/18 - Sessions 5: What's in a life is about the journey, but in a light-hearted and slightly silly way - it will close the album. We recorded the guitar and vocals and then focused on finding the right drum track. Kevin will add a simple country style bass line and I'm looking at options for a feature instrument - maybe some sax.

10/04/18 - Sessions 4: Wreckage. I finished writing the song a couple of days back and we recorded the guitar and vocals. We also looked at a suitable drum and bass track and will use some 'dark piano' to add to the mood - this is a very dark song and I want the instrumentation to be sparse, but still to express a sense of foreboding.

05/04/18 - Sessions 3: Panyan. Me and my panda (Panyan) will be 60 this year, so I wrote a song about our journey through life. Mum gave me her copy of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám (English translation by Edward FitzGerald 1859) when I was at school and I've selected some verses that she had underlined to go with the song. We recorded the guitar and vocals and added some bells and looked at other colour sounds. My son, Matt will do the spoken verses.

30/02/18 - Sessions 2: Journey. Kevin had done some work on Journey, whilst I have been focused on the big picture - ie the style and sound I want for this album. I've decided to keep it sparse with acoustic guitar and vocal and let the song do the talking. We will be adding some colour, but I'm keen to keep it intimate and real.

28/02/18 - Sessions 1: Journey. In 2014 I recorded my album View from a window with Kevin Jones, he then relocated to Swansea. At the end of last year he moved back to East Sussex and started building a new studio in his garden. We met up in December and agreed to record my new album together. This was the first session in Kevin's brand new studio and we recorded the guitar and vocals for Journey, which will open the album.

Playing live in January, February and March: Whilst waiting for the new recording studio to be ready, I busied myself doing plenty of live performances. They allowed me to polish and develop the new songs and fine tune my guitar technique ready for the demands of the studio.

27/02/18 - 'Standing room only' is now on You Tube: I had an idea for a film and thought it lent itself to the title song from my last album. There are now six videos featuring songs from the album.

Standing room only on You Tube - 27/02/18

January - February - March

The studio opening date was put back due to various issues, not least the fierce winter, which featured incessant snow, ice, rain and cold.

Short Films

In 2017 I started making little films, mainly for fun and set up a new You Tube site for them. I'm now adding various bits of live performance footage. It's an eclectic mix of stuff, but they all feature my music. There's currently 22 different films to view.

01/01/18 - Looking back & looking forward: For the last couple of months I've been writing new material and planning the next album, 'Journey Part 1'. I've found a new studio and hope to start recording it in February, or March - watch this space.
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