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2018 Latest News: I started recording my new album, Journey Part 1 on 28/03/18. Prior to that, Iíd kept myself busy with writing and live performances, which helped develop the new songs and fine-tuned my guitar technique ready for the studio.
Journey Part 1 - Kevin Jones at the desk - 10/04/18
Life's a race at Buskers - 04/04/18 Photo: Joseph Peters
Me and my Shadow at the Six Bells - T-shirt from 1994 - 20/02/18 Photo: Ella Moonbridge
Right for me on the piano at the Six Bells - 6/02/18 Photo: Lisa Jackson

Dangerous Moonlight is a four-song EP with vocals by Dave Moore - it was released on 2/06/17 and is available on digipak CD and iTunes. Click on Cry, Unwanted fruit, Dangerous moonlight & Know (Excuse me) to view videos from the EP.
Cry - click for You Tube video - 29/04/17
Unwanted fruit - click for You Tube video - 21/04/17
Dangerous Moonlight - click for You Tube video - 20/07/17
Excuse me - click for You Tube video - 17/10/17
See Albums for more details and Diary for the full story of the recording.

Dangerous Moonlight - Four-song EP

Dangerous Moonlight - available on iTunes and Digipak CD

Click for more info on Standing Room Only
Standing Room Only

Available on iTunes and CD

Click below to view You Tube videos featuring songs from Standing Room Only

Click for more info on The Last Song
Click for more info on View from a Window
Zero Fahrenheit - click for You Tube video - 17/05/16
The question - click for You Tube video - 24/05/16
It's only my time - click for You Tube video - 30/05/16
Toast for one - click for You Tube video - 02/06/16
Dream - click for You Tube video - 08/10/16
Standing room only - click for You Tube video - 27/02/18

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Bicksie Bear - click for You Tube video
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Playing Live 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

75 Songs - I set myself a mission to do a live performance during 2015 of every song Iíd ever written & recorded. I completed the challenge with my performance of 'Falling from glory' on 4/10/15.

The Man with Jayne, Lisa & Martin - The Six Bells - 02/05/17 - Photo: Ray Whiteway-Roberts

Playing live 2017

Dangerous Moonlight launch party - 2/06/17 - Photo: Joseph Peters
Playing live 2016

The Blackboys Inn Beer Festival with John Cratchley - 21.08.16 Photo by: Clara Cratchley
Playing live 2013 - 2015

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